Flexential unveils data centre alliance for new edge offering

Flexential unveils data centre alliance for new edge offering

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Colocation provider Flexential has announced it is launching the first Flexential Local Edge solution by working with American Tower, a wireless tower communications infrastructure provider.

Flexential Local Edge is a remote data centre providing colocation services and access to the FlexAnywhere platform.

The first Flexential Local Edge will utilise American Tower's Edge data centre at a tower in Atlanta, connected with Colo Atl, an American Tower company that offers colocation and interconnection services at 55 Marietta Street in the global telecom hub of Atlanta.

Atlanta is one of three locations where Flexential will be using American Tower Edge data centre infrastructure, with plans to expand in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

"By combining our strengths with these partners, we can leverage the FlexAnywhere network to offer our customers the means to drive edge computing even further than it has been – not just to the metro area but also to the street level," said Flexential Chief Executive Officer, Chris Downie (pictured).

"This is an exciting advancement lowering latency to our customers in various industries, including transportation, logistics, finance, gaming and healthcare, supporting a variety of IoT, video, AI, and other real-time dynamic applications.

“Local Edge will push to use 5G and AI in a more meaningful way for traffic controls, autonomous vehicles, infrastructure monitoring and more. We see this an opportunity in many markets around the country to provide a true differentiator."

Flexential Local Edge empowers customers to deploy hardware and software very close to the end-user or application – at the edge, in professionally designed, maintained and connected edge data centres.

The company said Flexential Local Edge allows customers to tap into the Flexential cloud portfolio of solutions, including cloud computing, Storage-as-a-Service, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, Backup-as-a-Service and more.

"As applications demand lower latency connectivity and more resources to support analytics at the local edge, its critical enterprises and the public sector have more options to deploy their platforms closer to end users and IoT endpoints," said KORE Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Security, Chris Francosky.

"Security, reliability and access to high-quality networks are key elements to support an edge application architecture.

“Given their expertise in these areas, combined with upstream access to world-class core data centre facilities, Flexential is uniquely positioned to deliver complete edge computing environments to their customers."

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