Syniverse enables Swisscom to monetise wholesale roaming

Syniverse enables Swisscom to monetise wholesale roaming

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Syniverse has enabled Swisscom to monetise its wholesale roaming traffic using the GSMA’s Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) industry standard.

The collaboration enables Swisscom and its network of global mobile operator partners to better prepare for scalable growth, as emerging technologies such as 5G and narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT), continue to add more connectivity and complexity to the clearing and settlement process.

“As increased complexities with new technologies such as 5G and varying iterations of IoT continue to emerge, the mobile industry at this current time is certainly ripe for a revolutionary clearing and settlement standard that introduces a new level of flexibility in support of existing and new use cases,” said Anna Gussmann (pictured), senior director of customer products & industry relations at Syniverse.

“Syniverse provides mobile network operators and their partners a platform that is both flexible and modular to exchange data, reconcile billing and settle transactions seamlessly. As industry experts in this space, Syniverse is proud to lead this effort in conjunction with the GSMA and Swisscom, ultimately to solve key challenges while creating greater efficiencies and market growth.”

The GSMA’s BCE introduces a new level of flexibility to both charging and settlement models, while reducing the need to send detailed traffic records daily. It enables reports between mobile operators to be exchanged based on bilateral agreements for use in support of wholesale invoicing and settlement.

In addition, cases where more detailed information is required, for example in dispute cases, BCE makes it possible to also send Detailed Data Records (DDRs) to mitigate potential inaccuracies in non-aggregated billing records.

By implementing these new methods for monetising wholesale roaming, Syniverse allows for network usage between operators to be reconciled more quickly and accurately. This in turn allows Swisscom and its partners to exchange wholesale roaming invoicing and perform settlement more accurately and efficiently."For Swisscom and the whole industry, the development of the new industry standard is an important building block to fulfill future requirements in our international business,” added Jérôme Wingeier, head of roaming, at Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd.

“With emerging technologies such as IoT and 5G, we will need much more connectivity across networks and must cope with increased complexity. Syniverse has been a very professional and innovative partner, bringing all of us forward. We are glad to have taken the next step in future billing and supporting GSMA members to develop our common business successfully."

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