Zayo expands IP Transit capacity in US cities

Zayo expands IP Transit capacity in US cities

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Based on the growing demand to 100G ports, Zayo Group Holdings has expanded its IP Transit capacity in Phoenix, San Jose and Denver.

Calling it a “significant expansion” Zayo said the development is driven by increased capacity demands emerging across multiple sectors. As such, it is expected the US could have five billion connected devices by 2023, up from three billion in 2018.

Further, the new locations support remote working and education, telehealth, business critical applications, and an overall global increase in public IP traffic, the company said.

The new locations now join Atlanta, Boston, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle in boasting Zayo’s 100G enabled services.

Julia Robin, SVP of layer 3 services, said: “We're also meeting requests from higher bandwidth consumers as they work to support the major increase in traffic on their own platforms. In many cases, the requests are for significant increases in bandwidth, even doubling capacity.”

Zayo said the overall trend observed in network demand – including the need for capacity, diversity and low latency – is expected to continue due to the rapid adoption of 5G, next generation satellite networks, genomics, telemedicine and more.

The firm has already expanded its infrastructure across Tennessee, increasing its fibre network footprint by nearly 50% over the past two years.

Zayo was bought out by a joint venture between Digital Colony and EQT in March of this year, for US$14.3 billion.

Speaking to Capacity in May, president and CEO of Colony Capital Inc, Marc Ganzi said the acquisition would bring continued investment in network spend, new long-haul routes, new lateral routes and new enterprise routes.

“We anticipate being incredibly busy in 2020 and beyond,” he said.

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