Ep 15 - Coping with Covid-19, TikTok’s $500m Ireland data centre, and the latest news on GCAs 2020 and GWITTAs 2020


Featuring host editor-in-chief Joao Marques Lima, editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray and senior reporter Abigail Opiah.

In this episode, the Data Economy and Capacity's news team discuss how the internet has been coping during the Covid-19 pandemic, TikTok’s plan to build a $500 million data centre in Ireland, Amazon’s cloud business AWS’s plan for three potential data centres in Israel and the latest moves across the Africa data centre market.

This week the team is also joined by not one, but two special guests: Carl Roberts, Partner at Hadaara Consulting and chairman for the Capacity Global Carrier Awards 2020, and Georgia Ermilios, Capacity’s senior product developer and supervisor for the Global Women in Tech and Telco Awards 2020.

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GCAs 2020:

GWITTAs 2020: