Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier: Redefining Cybersecurity

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier: Redefining Cybersecurity

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Innovative solutions to cope with fast-evolving safety challenges.

Data is today often described as the world’s most valuable currency. Whether that is true or not, data has indeed become the lifeblood of business organizations, and its volumes are expanding exponentially. In fact, a study by Cisco predicts that global IP traffic will grow to 20.6 zettabytes in 2021. All the data created to feed ever-growing mobility services and connected devices make it a gold mine for evildoers. So it’s easy to understand why cybercrime will continue to be a lucrative undertaking – and thus a major concern for years to come.

As a leading telco provider, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier recognizes its responsibility to ensure the safety of its networks, products and services. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are clever. They are increasingly sophisticated and skilled at keeping up with technology advancements. That’s why we are vigilant in our efforts to continually provide enhanced solutions for the protection of our clients’ assets, as well as our own. This is especially important in light of expanding technologies such as 5G, M2M or IoT.

360° Security Strategy

The Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier 360° Security Strategy delivers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art defense portfolio. In addition to our offerings in the voice, DDoS, SMS and IP-VPN areas, over the last months we have launched several new market innovations. One of the latest is our Encrypted Lambda service, which answers a problem that had been largely ignored in the past. Today, however, it has seen an unfortunate increase in intensity ¬– namely, the theft of data while it travels across networks.

Encrypted Lambda is a Layer 1, hardware-based encryption solution. This combination is especially advantageous for conveying large amounts of data that need lightning speed throughput at extremely low latency.

Conventionally, encryption of transmitted data has occurred over Layer 3 or 4 and is software based. That adds up to more servers, more maintenance, more skill and more manpower. Plus,

the necessary software computing during data flow slows applications and adds latency. Encrypted Lambda eliminates those difficulties.

Lofty Safeguards

Another of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s latest developments is called Secure Cloud Connect. It offers fast, easyand secure connection to cloud service providers (CSPs). Secure Cloud Connect provides a private connection over a dedicated Layer 2 Ethernet connection, with guaranteed SLAs and high throughput. This service is important for mission-critical applications as it does not use the public internet. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is able to connect clients with 40 CSPs in Europe and the US, with a continually growing list of partners.

Backing Up for Safety

In order to doubly ensure the safety of valuable data assets, another of our new offerings is a Data Center Mirroring solution. It echoes an organization’s complete data resources in a physically separate location. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier manages the transfer of data via point-to-point connection while ensuring full encryption during the transfer process. With Data Center Mirroring, if a data center is attacked or is for any reason unavailable, files are still accessible and protected. Today it is increasingly important to have these types of backup systems in place to defend against the mounting threat of data theft and cyber criminality.

To help connect global sites with a secure network, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier offers an IP-VPN solution, based on Deutsche Telekom’s MPLS backbone. It supplies high-level security along with a variety of choices for access technology, bandwidth and topology. In addition, we offer a ground-breaking mobile IP-VPN solution, which is perfect for hard-to-reach or temporary locations. It can also be used as backup as it offers high access resiliency. This means that important documents can be accessed from mobile devices without concerns about security and fraud. Both IP-VPN solutions are Layer 3 services that seamlessly integrate into a customers’ VPN.

Tirelessly Fighting Fraud

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier works relentlessly to safeguard against an ever-wider variety of risks. As a part of our global service, we deliver 24/7 monitoring, automated processes and a dedicated management team to help fight fraud. This state-of-the-art system detects and blocks fraudulent actions, to prevent them from happening in the first place. Every year, we recognize and stop more than 4.000 deceptive cases. In case damage has broken through our defense lines, our further services and solutions aid in minimizing negative effects.

Battling DDoS Attacks

DDoS Defense is another of the security services from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. Here it provides layered backbone, cloud and on-premise protection services. As a first block against attacks, on-premise solutions are important. That’s because it is crucial to stop application layer attacks close to where they reside. In this area, we provide a range of local, always-on, real-time protection to keep systems and applications safe.

For massive volumetric attacks against networks and bandwidth, the only viable solutions are backbone protection or a cloud solution. We offer IP backbone defense for our business internet access and IP Transit customers. So any volumetric DDoS attacks that are routed via Deutsche Telekom to the customer’s network will be identified and stopped – in most cases before they can do any damage.

The mitigation of large-scale volumetric attacks, however, needs a cloud-based solution. To provide our clients with the best possible defense, we joined together with security experts at Arbor Networks. Now, any suspicious traffic is rerouted to Arbor’s cloud where it undergoes scrubbing at one of their global stations. After being cleaned, the now uncontaminated traffic is sent back to the client through a GRE tunnel.

Preventing Malicious Intent

To guard against the vulnerabilities of Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) protocols, we have developed a powerful SS7 Firewall solution. This is a fully managed service that analyses the signaling security of traffic at the network border. It protects against fraudsters, who primarily seek financial gain by stealing information. Ominously, however, they are also able to listen to calls or even find out where a user is located. SS7 Firewall is able to identify suspicious content and prevent it from being returned to the customer’s mobile network.

Another of our fraud prevention services is SMS+ Protect. It identifies and blocks unwanted and unpaid SMS messaged based on SS7. Because it works dynamically instead of remaining static, as is the case with usual solutions, it can detect the continually changing behavior of grey route traffic. Especially as application-to-person messaging (A2P) grows in both volume and value, it is increasingly crucial that providers can ensure the delivery of safe and reliable messages.

Safety in Numbers

For all our myriad of solutions, however, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier recognizes the need for greater cooperation within the industry as the only way to truly combat fraud and cyber criminality. Only through the free exchange of security-related information will it be possible to prevent large-scale security disasters. That is why the company plays a leading role in various fraud prevention initiatives such as the i3 Fraud Forum. This is a non-profit organization made up of leading telcos which have banded together to support the fight against fraud.

At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we will continue to invest in networks, systems and services to provide the highest security standards possible. To accomplish this, we are willing to take whatever steps are necessary, including provisioning liberal resources for research and development, and enhancing and upgrading our current solutions. In addition, we take advantage of partnerships to quickly add new security solutions to our already broad portfolio. In the fight for a more secure cyber infrastructure, our clients and partners need a defender: Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. 

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