DE-CIX publishes whitepaper on interconnection and digital transformation

DE-CIX publishes whitepaper on interconnection and digital transformation


DE-CIX has published a new whitepaper on how interconnection drives the digital transformation of enterprises.

In the whitepaper, DE-CIX demonstrates what underlying infrastructure enterprises need in order to empower digital transformation.

In addition, one of the focus points of the analysis is the optimisation of network infrastructure to innovate and to help future-proof businesses to deal with ever increasing amounts of data and new applications.

“One of the key learnings from the Covid-19 situation is that a global lock-down needs a digital unlocking for enterprises,” said Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International.

“Businesses need to re-think their digitalisation and interconnection strategies, as they must rely on a secure, resilient and robust Internet infrastructure – not only in times of crisis.”

“This is where DE-CIX comes in, as being connected to an Internet Exchange generates values through world-class connectivity, security, and flexibility.”

The Covid-19 pandemic with its global lock-down measures has been accelerating the digital transformation of many enterprises. Some businesses lacked the technology to support remote working, but they upgraded and tested their technology infrastructure a lot sooner.

Video conference traffic increased over 120% and the adoption of digital tools surged, putting focus also on how enterprises are interconnected.

“For us, closed user groups are the future of connectivity,” continued Ivanov.

“Enterprises are shifting from on-premise IT systems to platform-based models in which they take part in ecosystems to share data and intelligence and assemble solutions with third-party components.”

This increases connectivity needs, and very often requires connectivity to a certain, defined supplier or customer universe – bypassing the Internet, while simultaneously accessible everywhere.”

“The closed user group is an interconnection service that enhances the connectivity to a group of selected services and partners. It offers a reliable and high-performing connectivity with optimal routing from enterprises to the partners and services they need.”

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