GLF launches ‘Keeping the World Connected’ advocacy campaign

GLF launches ‘Keeping the World Connected’ advocacy campaign

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World’s largest service providers publish an open letter to call on governments in all jurisdictions to assure ICT infrastructure and communications services are classified as “essential services” for COVID-19 response.

The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) launched today the ‘Keeping the World Connected’ advocacy campaign by publishing an open letter calling for ICT infrastructure and communications services to be classified as “essential services” in all jurisdictions to ensure the industry can provide service continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak, and calling for collaboration among ICT infrastructure providers.

ICT infrastructure, including networks, clouds and applications, have experienced unprecedented, accelerated increases in demand during the COVID-19 outbreak, driven by requirements for critical services, remote working, and home entertainment services. It is anticipated that capacity requirements will continue to increase at a similar rate for the foreseeable future.

The GLF believes it is vital to assure that ICT infrastructure and the provision of ICT services are designated as an “essential service” in all jurisdictions to avoid any disruptions to global communications, ensure the safety of operational staff in the field, and to continue customer service to end users. In jurisdictions where this designation has been made, ICT providers have been best equipped to ensure service continuity.

Over the coming weeks, the GLF will lead a sustained advocacy campaign to promote participation in collaborative activities across ICT infrastructure to ensure the continuity of connectivity during this period of unprecedented demand and operational complexity, and seek to work alongside and in support of government bodies to assure the on-going operation of networks, clouds and applications.

The members of the GLF have committed to collaborate with each other, with governments, and with the broader ICT ecosystem in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and within the open letter have listed several activities that are being launched to support the business continuity of ICT infrastructure.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Keeping the World Connected’ and the publication of the open letter, Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt and a member of the GLF, said: “These unprecedented times are driving increasing demands on networks and operational complexity. Being designated as an “essential service” assures our organisations are able to address this most challenging time. I have been honored to see the work of all GLF colleagues’ organisations and their willingness to collaborate across the ICT industry – we recognize that connectivity is vital for all and we will ensure to come together as one industry to facilitate governments, enterprises, and individuals”

Jussi Makela Director of the GLF, said: “The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum recognises the responsibility of the international carrier industry to work together to meet the network demands caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Through the ‘Keeping the World Connected’ initiative, our members intend to do exactly that – working together to ensure that during this period of unprecedented global disruption everyone can keep in touch digitally with their families, jobs, and online services”.

About ITW Global Leaders’ Forum

The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) is a network of the leaders from the world’s largest International ICT service providers, who convene to discuss strategic issues and to agree collaborative activities with the aim of upholding the principle of interoperability and ubiquitous international and technological coverage. The international wholesale industry is a critical part of the global ICT ecosystem, providing the backbone that enables digital services to be distributed around the world. The GLF’s primary objective is to provide leadership and direction for the industry by advocating common priorities that improve interconnectivity so that new digital services can be delivered at scale anywhere in the world. Please visit for more information.

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