Coronavirus means home network is biggest challenge for WAN

Coronavirus means home network is biggest challenge for WAN

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Domestic connectivity and the local central office are going to be two of the biggest challenges for home workers, a Capacity/TeleGeography virtual summit was told this week.

In the first of a planned series of WAN Wednesdays, Greg Bryan, senior manager for enterprise research at TeleGeography, told the worldwide audience that people should not be over-confident because the bandwidth people get in their urban or suburban homes is bigger than available in offices.

“I might pay for 100Mbps from my broadband provider, but if the central office is used by my neighbours, I’m not going to see anything like that,” said Bryan.

Capacity and TeleGeography plan to continue WAN Wednesdays for the foreseeable future. The next one, on Wednesday 25 March, will be from PCCW Global. This series follows the virtual WAN Summit, held earlier in March after the planned New York WAN Summit was postponed until later in the year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But the domestic Wifi router would also come under strain, Bryan told listeners to the first WAN Wednesday. “I’ve worked from home for eight years but now my children have been sent home from school and my wife is working from home. Now my wifi router has multiple devices connected.”

Many people have services offering 100Mbps or more in their homes, and this is way above the typical 50Mbps that they get via MPLS in offices. “A lot of home workers’ broadband connects are much better than office connections.”

Listen to the first WAN Wednesday here

The virtual WAN Summit is here




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