FiberLight launches Managed Dark Fiber network solution

FiberLight launches Managed Dark Fiber network solution


FiberLight has announced the launch of its Managed Dark Fiber Network (MDFN) solution.

The MDFN solution allows enterprises to use FiberLight’s expert construction, installation, network management and equipment buying power to provision dark fibre enabling flexibility, security and control for on-demand network adjustments.

“We’re proud to bring this managed dark fiber product to market in collaboration with Ciena, allowing partners, service providers, data centers and enterprises across healthcare, higher education and beyond to control their network operations and cost and cater to increasing network demands,” said Marc Dyman, chief revenue officer of FiberLight.

“We’re excited to see this benefit our partners by addressing their customers’ concerns on how to keep pace with the need for scale and control with mission-critical fiber and network management capabilities that empower digital transformation in a data-intensive era.”

The launch comes as enterprise applications and business operations are growing at significant rates and requiring levels of dynamic capacity that cannot be achieved with lit fibre solutions alone.

MDFN was developed as enterprises demand the ability to scale bandwidth without incurring additional fees and need higher level network security and control.

“We’re thrilled to partner with FiberLight to offer their Managed Dark Fiber Network solution,” said Tim Wise, chief executive officer of Advocate, a technology business management services company. “For businesses needing to replace outdated legacy networks, this is a great solution that offers the ability to grow into full dark fiber ownership should the business decide to manage on their own in the future.”

“We see this as particularly attractive to our healthcare industry clients, and with FiberLight’s extensive network in Texas, as well as Tampa, Atlanta and the DC Metro areas, we’re well-positioned to continue accelerating IT business value through comprehensive TBM services.”

In addition, MDFN expands FiberLight’s collaboration with Ciena, which has been enabling enterprises and the channel with Data Center Interconnect, a 100Gbps wavelength service connecting data centers with high-capacity, secure and diverse data transfer leveraging the Ciena Waveserver Ai platform.