Infinera and Corning equal Ciena and Juniper’s 800Gbps record

Jeanne Propst Corning.jpg

Infinera and Corning have joined the race to boost fibre capacity, claiming a data speed of 800Gbps over an 800km fibre.

Unlike Ciena and Juniper, which earlier this week announced the same speed over a live Verizon network, Infinera and Corning are being vague about the precise circumstances.

“As far as I am aware this is a demonstration of Infinera and Corning’s combined capabilities in a test environment,” a spokesman for Infinera told Capacity.

Like Ciena and Juniper earlier this week, the two companies said they had achieved the speed using a single wavelength of light on the fibre. The trial used Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6) technology over Corning’s TXF fibre.

Parthi Kandappan, CTO at Infinera, said: “This achievement is made possible by Infinera’s high degree of vertical integration including our in-house digital signal processor design, photonic integrated circuit design and manufacturing, and holistic in-house packaging.”

Corning’s Jeanne Propst (pictured), division vice president for fibre and cable, said: “Our TXF fibre, with its high-data-rate capabilities and exceptional reach, helps network operators stay ahead of growing bandwidth demands while lowering their overall network costs.”