ZenFi Networks expands wireless network infrastructure in New Jersey

ZenFi Networks expands wireless network infrastructure in New Jersey

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ZenFi Networks announces the expansion of its C-RAN network with the deployment of over 600 turnkey small cell nodes in northern New Jersey.

In addition, to deploying fronthaul fibre to each of these nodes, ZenFi Networks was chosen by an unnamed mobile network operator (MNO) to provide wireless siting and network edge colocation in support of the 5G network build-out.

“The regional demand for wireless network infrastructure continues to explode,” said Ray LaChance (pictured), co-founder and CEO, ZenFi Networks. “Our customers benefit from our extensive New York City and New Jersey metro network that allows them to deploy their 4G and 5G capabilities. Now, as a strategic by-product of this explosive growth, this highly dense, highly accessible network can be leveraged by others to provide value-added services.”

ZenFi Networks has been deploying mobile network infrastructure throughout NYC for more than 5 years, leveraging its augmented capabilities from its 2018 merger with Cross River Fiber to deploy C-RAN-enabling infrastructure in Northern New Jersey.

As MNOs shift focus from coverage to capacity, ZenFi Networks has focused on building a new breed of mobile infrastructure that supports the capacity and latency requirements of 4G LTE and 5G. This infrastructure involves shifting processing away from the radio via fronthaul fibre, aggregating base band units within network edge colocation facilities and implementing high capacity backhaul to command and control. In addition, the company’s network edge colocation facilities, a critical component of the overall system, are designed to support MNOs’ optical limits.

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