The 10 most-watched videos of 2019

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From recorded panel sessions, promotional videos and video testimonials to TV interviews with the top CEO’s across the sector, 2019 has been a great year for video content across Capacity’s multiple platforms.

Here are the most popular ones for the year:

  1. Capacity Europe 2018: Empowering Women in Telco

    Bringing to the stage six of the top women in the sector for the empowering Women in Telco panel. Presented during Capacity Europe 2018, focuses on recruitment & educational initiatives to encourage greater diversity in the Telco community.


  2. Capacity Middle East 2019: Highlights

    After the event itself in March, this highlights video proved popular with both delegates and those who missed out. Capacity Middle East is the largest carrier event in the Middle East, bringing together more than 1,700 attendees across the wholesale telecoms sector.


  3. Capacity Europe 2018 - Day 1 Keynote 2: The big carrier debate (the sequel)

    Another Capacity Europe 2018 throwback, this keynote panel session brought together six top executives from the biggest telcos around the world to discuss how to get to grips with the innovative future of wholesale.


  4. ITW 2019: Mario di Mauro, Sparkle

    One of many Capacity TV interviews during ITW 2019, Mario di Mauro, CEO of Sparkle spoke to Jason McGee-Abe, Editor-in-Chief, Capacity Media, about 5G and their new relaunch strategy going forward.


  5. Atlanta - the new home of ITW

    The wholesale community was all abuzz at the news that ITW was relocating to Atlanta in 2019. In celebration of this, Capacity created a video announcing this news and showcasing the best of what Atlanta has to offer. Since the swell of interest in the city in the mid-90s, Atlanta has gone from strength to strength; it now stands as a totem of a New South and is one of America’s most vibrant and diverse cities.


  6. ITW 2019: Marc Halbfinger, PCCW Global

    Marc Halbfinger, CEO, PCCW Global, speaks with Jason McGee-Abe, editor-in-chief, Capacity Media about software, automation and interoperability and the 4th industrial revolution.


  7. Communications Infrastructure Summit 2019: The Must-Attend 5G Summit

    Another new event for the year was the Communications Infrastructure Summit, taking place on day 3 of ITW. It is the first strategic meeting for global infrastructure leaders to solve challenges aligned with 5G deployment, making it the must-attend summit for the telecoms industry.


  8. Subsea EMEA 2019: Highlights

    As bandwidth demands grow, rumours of new projects circulate it is paramount that those spearheading the current subsea cable boom unite to converse with new business partners. As such, Subsea EMEA has established itself as the leading annual meeting for 300+ commercial subsea experts.


  9. Capacity Europe 2019: Michael Wheeler, NTT

    Michael Wheeler, EVP, Global IP Network, NTT, speaks with Jason McGee-Abe, editor-in-chief, Capacity Media, about network security and the benefits of the company's cohesive global re-brand.


  10. Metro Connect USA 2019: Highlights

    To mark the end of a hugely successful Metro Connect USA 2019 in Miami, we take a look back at three days of debate, meetings, international business and socialising at the largest European event in the global connectivity space.