Clear, Digicel and Lanck Telecom join the i3forum

Clear, Digicel and Lanck Telecom join the i3forum

Clear, Digicel and Lanck Telecom i3forum.jpg

The i3forum has added three new members to its organisation, Clear, Digicel and Lanck Telecom.

The addition of the blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks, a global mobile network operator (MNO) and an international voice carrier diversifies the industry body’s existing 25 global carriers.

i3forum members promote industry-wide collaboration focused on solving common challenges and enabling success in the changing carrier market. Its open and inclusive model brings carriers and vendors of all sizes together to discuss and address topics that accelerate industry-wide transformation.

“New members bring new perspectives an insight to our discussions, workgroups and initiatives. We are excited to have Clear, Digicel and Lanck Telecom join us and share their expertise across a variety of topics. Unique voices and opinions support our vision for open and inclusive collaboration,” said Philippe Millet, chairman at i3forum. “It is a very exciting time for i3forum as we get new initiatives off the ground and take our organisation to new places. I’d like to welcome Clear, Digicel and Lanck Telecom and we look forward to working together.”

In addition, Clear, Digicel and Lanck Telecom also have the opportunity to contribute to i3forum’s various initiatives that aim to find into practical recommendations and operational services that benefit carriers of all sizes. 

“i3forum has grown and changed tremendously over the last three years,” added Millet. “We have seen our membership expand with different kinds of organisations joining us and the initiatives we undertake go beyond just best practice. We’re taking action to solve challenges in the market and create solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. Our not-for-profit market database, i3forum Insights, and our numbering plan initiative are examples of our changing role in the market. We are working with more carriers across the globe and expanding our scope to benefit the community.”    

Earlier this year, the i3forum launched its market database for international voice services, called Insights powered by TeleGeography.

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