FiberLight expands dark fibre network to Roswell, Georgia

FiberLight expands dark fibre network to Roswell, Georgia

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FiberLight, a US-based infrastructure provider, has completed the deployment of dark fibre in Roswell, Georgia.

“We’re thrilled to continue to serve as a trusted partner for the city of Roswell,” adds Marc Dyman (pictured), chief revenue officer of FiberLight. “The city’s dark fibre network expansion paves the way for its digital future and delivers critical capabilities to its residents. We continue to see an increase in local governments turning to dark fibre to control their network operations and cost in response to increasing network demands. Roswell is another great use case that has the potential to inspire other communities as they look toward building their own smart and connected city strategies for the future.”

Developed in partnership with SereneIT, a next-gen value added reseller (VAR), connects the city to an Atlanta-area data centre operated by Ascent. Enabling Roswell to optimise performance and support its complex applications to meet users’ growing demand for real-time access.

“It’s clear that Roswell was in need of a robust and secure data centre, and Ascent was a natural fit due to its proximity to carrier feeds and high redundancy,” added Greg Tinker, founder and CEO of SereneIT. “As a VAR firm that prides itself on taking a problem-first approach, we were happy to support the city by addressing its network pain points and bringing in a provider that could strengthen its disaster recovery approach, deliver augmented capacity, and empower its smart future.”

The news comes as the demand for faster and more reliable access to applications continues to grow. As a result, network requirements for communities like Roswell also continue to grow driving the need for robust and secure network.

“The City of Roswell, with its need to get into a data centre quickly to support its expansion, is the kind of customer we are well equipped to support,” says Bob Kramlich, vice president of business development for Ascent. “Our ATL1 data centre has rack-ready space immediately available with the runway to support significant expansion. Our customers have many carrier options to choose from when they come to our data centres and thanks to our great partner at FiberLight, we were able to put together a dynamic solution to support the city of Roswell for years to come.”

The FiberLight dark fibre network ring rolled out 400Gbps of capacity to the Ascent data centre for increased security, scalability and redundancy. In doing so, FiberLight customers have the ability to own, build, expand and control networks faster than building it themselves.

“Roswell has a history of infrastructure development and deployment with FiberLight, and we’re so appreciative of the company’s understanding of our urgency and willingness to take the time to work with us to deliver this critical deployment on the timeline we needed,” concluded Maurice Pryce, IT director for the city of Roswell. “This dark fibre network solution enables us to have greater control to provision more reliable services and create an always-on environment for our residents. Connecting to Ascent’s data centre gives us ample room to expand our services and capabilities into the future. We’re excited to be successfully positioned for growth, and we look forward to supporting smart city applications with added security and agility.”

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