Telserv acquired by MessageBird

Telserv acquired by MessageBird


Telserv has announced today that it has been acquired by Amsterdam-based MessageBird.

As a result of the acquisition, Telserv’s global reach and portfolio will be in an even better position to serve its customers. Through its cloud platform, full stack of APIs and direct interconnection with carriers and telcos, Telserv has become a true global provider for virtual number solutions in more than 145 countries.

“We want to assure you that we will still be the same old Telserv that you have grown to love,” said Telserv’s Marco Dunhof, CSO, (pictured on the right) and Johan van der Lijcke, COO, (pictured on the left) in a joint statement.

“Our service, mission, and brand remain unchanged. We will be reaching out to you in the future to discuss the market and the opportunities ahead. Both Telserv and MessageBird share a vision to change the world by giving you the possibility to serve your customers.”

The Telserv executives admitted in the company note that they had long admired the cloud communications platform company and were looking forward to crafting “value-add, customer-focused solutions together while also building a great team and culture”.

Telserv's virtual numbers platform and MessageBird’s SMS, voice and chat solutions, which enable developers and enterprises to communicate with customers in virtually anywhere, have already been integrated and are fully API-driven.

MessageBird has been growing at an exponential rate since it was co-founded in 2011 by Robert Vis and Adriaan Mol, in particular over the last few years. It has forged deals and built interfaces with over 200 carriers worldwide, making it the only similar platform running on telecoms carrier-grade infrastructure rather than over the internet.

In April 2016, MessageBird’s global reach in the messaging landscape enhanced after it acquired the A2P and P2P SMS hubbing business of iBasis, which included customer and vendor relationships. At the time, Robert Vis, CEO of MessageBird, said: “This accelerates our already rapid growth and strengthens our strategic position in global messaging. We are excited to offer iBasis’ customers our cloud-based messaging solutions, through which we provide scalability and global deliverability to over 10,000 existing customers in 60 countries.”

In October 2017, the Dutch messaging company landed $60 million in first-round funding, the largest ever early-stage venture capital investment into a European software company at that time. MessageBird announced a strategic partnership agreement in February 2019 with San-Francisco-based email sender SparkPost to extend the communications channels available to business. July 2019 saw the company open a new office in Dublin after more than doubling its European enterprise customer base in the previous 18 months. The Dublin office represents MessageBird’s fourth in Europe and eighth globally.

MessageBird, which helps over 15,000 organisation send messages or communicate with customers via chat, voice or video, currently has nearly 250 employees supporting customers around the world from offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, Hamburg, London, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney.

With businesses across Europe looking to increasingly access cloud communications technology, MessageBird has built the right relationships and technology at scale to directly connect into telecommunications carriers around the world.

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