Packet, EdgeConneX partner in Detroit to drive edge cloud and IoT

Packet, EdgeConneX partner in Detroit to drive edge cloud and IoT

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Bare metal cloud automation platform Packet is set to deploy its platform at the EdgeConneX Edge data centre in Detroit, Michigan.

The company said in a written statement that the site will enable the expansion of the firm’s Sprint Curiosity IoT platform.

The combination of Packet’s Edge Cloud and EdgeConneX’s proximal data centre solutions will benefit Detroit’s growing autonomous vehicle and manufacturing sectors, according to the company.

“EdgeConneX is an ideal partner to help Packet bring the benefits of edge computing to Detroit, as well dozens of key markets globally,” said Zachary Smith, Packet’s co-founder and CEO.

“What makes this deployment special is that we’re able to activate three key elements at once: bare metal cloud, rich local connectivity, and end-to-end wireless IoT services. It’s like an edge computing triple play!”

 The company added that digital disruptors now have a hyper-local, scalable cloud and wireless framework at their fingertips. 

“Given the rapid surge in the volume, velocity and variety of data, we will witness rapid growth of infrastructure being built at the Edge,” added Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer, EdgeConneX.

“Packet’s deployment in Detroit is emblematic of the future demands at the Edge where emerging applications and workloads like IoT or Autonomous Vehicles are highly latency-sensitive and require very proximate compute resources.

“We are honoured to be selected by Packet to help support its customers’ local requirements in Detroit and other Edge markets across our global data centre platform.”

Last year, Sprint unveiled the Curiosity IoT platform, and revealed that Packet enabled an advanced distributed core network using bare metal servers at the edge.

“Curiosity IoT puts intelligence at the edge of the network by combining Curiosity Core, the first dedicated, distributed and virtualized IoT network, a network built for software, with Curiosity OS, an integrated IoT operating system,” said Ivo Rook, senior vice president of IoT and product development, Sprint.

“We are proud to be working with Packet and EdgeConneX to expand the Curiosity Core to Detroit, providing capabilities for network edge computing in the backyard of a city that is pushing boundaries in various industries.

“We look forward to the innovation that developers and companies will drive by utilising our network built for software.”

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