Google Cloud launches network intelligence platform

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Google Cloud has launched its new Network Intelligence Center, a network monitoring, verification and optimisation platform.

The new solution will be rolled out across the cloud and on-prem data centres, as well as with an initial set of modules.

Recognising the need for proactive network operations that can predict and heal network failures, driven by AI/ML recommendations and remediation. Google also says that systems need to maintain a balance between automation and control, to support customers who are at different points in their journey from reactive towards proactive network operations. 


“Network Intelligence Center has been transformational for us to optimise our network operations. Using Network Intelligence Center we discovered that data transferred to a particular GCE region was significantly higher than expected. By looking at Network Topology we were able to diagnose and fix this issue, and save significant costs," said Rob Lyon, enterprise architect at Kochava, a mobile app analytics company.

As a result, the Network Intelligence Center offers four modules; Connectivity Tests and Network Topology, both in beta; Performance Dashboard and Firewall Metrics & Insights in alpha.

Performance Dashboard provides real-time network performance visibility into packet loss and latency at a per-project level, while Firewall Metrics & Insights provides visibility into firewall rules usage.


“Network Intelligence Center helps us quickly identify and troubleshoot network problems. We’ve gained full situational awareness of our network topology, saving us time on monitoring network health,” said Jason Cradit, senior director of technology at Pivvot, a real-time location data and analytics company.

In addition, Network Intelligence Center helps to quickly diagnose connectivity issues and prevent outages by allowing teams to perform on-demand tests with the Connectivity Test module. It enables uses to self-diagnose connectivity issues in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

GCP)is the first cloud provider to provide visibility into your global GCP and its interaction with the public internet, including an company-wide view of the topology, and associated network performance metrics with Network Topology.

“We’re excited that with the help of Network Intelligence Center, we’ll be able to verify that our network connectivity matches intent and quickly troubleshoot network configuration issues," said David Breise, cloud & network engineer at HIPAAVault, a secure HIPAA-compliant file-sharing provider.


As well as monitoring, verification, and optimisation of the network between on-premises and cloud, Network Intelligence Center can also help accelerate your migration to cloud. With a holistic view of the network architecture, health and performance , users can plan their cloud migrations effectively. It also helps to identify and debug network issues between on-prem and cloud.