MATRIXX plugs Digital Commerce platform into AWS

MATRIXX plugs Digital Commerce platform into AWS

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MATRIXX Software has announced the availability of its Digital Commerce platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

MATRIXX Software on AWS helps communication service providers (CSPs) transition mission-critical applications, including rating, charging, billing and real-time digital commerce, quickly and cost-effectively to the cloud.

“As CSPs embrace 5G and continue with digital transformations, they are increasingly realising advantages in moving mission-critical applications, including real-time commerce, to the cloud,” said Marc Price, global CTO of MATRIXX Software.

“With AWS, our global customer base can accelerate their cloud journeys while taking advantage of AWS’s breadth of services, tools and offerings from AWS Partner Network (APN) affiliates.”

CSPs worldwide are upgrading their networks and undergoing an operational transformation in order to achieve both speed and scale with their 4G and 5G investments. To ensure revenue growth and customer responsiveness in the digital arena, CSPs are moving to lean, cloud native, ecosystem-friendly monetisation platforms. By leveraging MATRIXX Digital Commerce on AWS, “CSPs have a cloud option for running a proven, telco-grade platform containerised and orchestrated by Kubernetes, supporting elastic scalability and agility”.

The MATRIXX Digital Commerce platform leverages patented, cloud native technology for speed, agility and ultra-efficient scaling. Its unique technology allows thousands of use cases to be configured and deployed out of the box without time-consuming and expensive custom development typical of business support systems (BSS). This provides CSPs with the right operating environment to experiment and succeed with new services and business models, providing frictionless commerce for consumers, enterprises, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

MATRIXX is also working closely to support AWS Outposts, which is designed specifically for workloads that must remain on-premise because of low latency or local data processing needs and regulations.

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