Juniper rolls out Mist Wired Assurance services and Marvis Actions

Juniper rolls out Mist Wired Assurance services and Marvis Actions

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Mist Systems, a Juniper Networks company, has launched the first AI-driven self-driving network for the enterprise.

The new offering leverages Mist’s AI engine and microservices cloud to streamline IT operations, simplify troubleshooting across wired/wireless domains and deliver optimised experiences to network users.

The new cloud subscription service for Wired Assurance deliver robust data from Junos switch telemetry into the Mist microservices cloud and AI engine for simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair and better visibility into end-user experiences. Some of the featured capabilities include: customisable service level expectations, anomaly detection, Marvis AI-driven virtual network assistant, which allows IT administrators to ask natural language queries and get detailed answers for troubleshooting. It also features self-driving remediation identifies the root cause of wired and wireless problems, taking automated actions when possible.

“Our campus network and helpdesk staff are under constant pressure to handle the influx of new mobile and IoT devices, coupled with an increased demand for digital learning initiatives that require a reliable and pervasive wired and wireless experience,” added Frank Feagans, vice president for Information Technology and CIO, UT Dallas. “We are transforming our campus network to address these challenges with state-of-the-art Mist Wi-Fi 6 access points, Juniper QFX and EX switches, and a unified cloud and AI engine that delivers proactive and rapid troubleshooting, automated workflows, and deeper insight enabling better decision making.”

As for the new Marvis Actions dashboard, it is a new capability within Mist’s Marvis Virtual Network Assistance (VNA) service. By using Mist’s integrated AI-engine, Marvis identifies the root cause of issues across various IT domains and automatically resolves them where possible. If the problem is outside the domain of the access network, Marvis will provide a set of recommended actions to resolve the issue. Additionally, Marvis also delivers wired visibility for third party switches.

“Marvis Actions takes insight gleaned from our AI engine, such as the root cause of a problem, and turns it into actionable insight for IT managers,” said Sudheer Matta (pictured), vice president of product management, Mist. “It is the first and in some instances only – place our customers have to look to monitor and manage the health of their Mist network. This simplicity, intelligence and ease consistently makes Mist the platform of choice for top companies across the globe and sets us apart from the competition on the journey to AI-driven self-driving networks.”

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