PCCW Global appoints SDI Americas director

PCCW Global appoints SDI Americas director

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PCCW Global has appointed Ian Horowitz as an ecosystem partnerships director for the Americas.

Horowitz is tasked with developing the software-defined interconnect (SDI) product offering - Console Connect by PCCW Global -throughout North America and South America.

“My goal is to collaborate with data centre operators and network service providers with customer requirements to direct connect with various cloud or content service providers and data centres throughout the world,” said Horowitz.

“Combining Console Connect with PCCW Global’s network infrastructure will now give clients the ability to direct connect global VLAN’s instantly to 3,000 cities in 150 counties and pay for what you need, when you need it.”

He has extensive experience in strategic planning, management, and execution os the sales cycle for US and international fibre infrastructure, wireless backhaul, managed services, voice and data, cloud adoption, direct connect, SDI.

Horowitz has worked with Console before but between May 2015 to November 2016, prior to PCCW Global’s acquisition, which Capacity broke the news of on 8 November 2017. He held the role of director of sales, network service providers,

He has also previously held the sales and BDM roles at Zayo Group, Epsilon, PEG Bandwidth, Telx, and CENX.

PCCW Global completed the Console Connect platform integration in May 2018 and the company recently announced a bilateral interconnect collaboration to deliver on-demand, private global connectivity with NAVER Business Platform (NBP).

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