Seaborn partners Anova on US to Brazil trade route

Seaborn partners Anova on US to Brazil trade route

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Seaborn Networks has partnered with Anova Financial Networks (Anova), an international carrier and market data provider, to create a new route between the US and Brazil.

The new ultra-low latency (ULL) fibre connection will link the financial centres of São Paulo, Brazil and Chicago, US, offering multiple ULL tiers for potential customers. The system will leverage Seaborn’s Seabras-1 cable that connects São Paulo, Brazil and New York/New Jersey, US, as well as Anova’s microwave network connection between the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to all five sites in the New Jersey Equity Triangle.

“We are very pleased to be able to partner with Anova to offer this blazing fast Chicago-NY/NJ- São Paulo ULL path,” said Larry Schwartz, chairman and CEO, Seaborn Networks. “This is a unique opportunity for the global financial industry to achieve the lowest latencies among the leading exchanges in North and South America.”

The collaboration will create ULL trading routes specifically for the financial market between Chicago and São Paulo. The two networks will interconnect in Carteret, New Jersey, enabling a single latency connection for those interested in either bandwidth or market data. 

“Our collaboration with Seaborn is a continuation of our mission to optimise the transport between the financial liquidity centres,” added Michael Persico (pictured), CEO and founder of Anova Financial Networks. “In addition to providing traditional bandwidth, this new network further showcases Anova’s ability to globally deliver the fastest price and trade updates for the most vital instruments at the CME – something that is critical to market participants around the world and across a myriad of strategies.”

Customers will have the ability to contract either through Seaborn or Anova to receive the full benefit of this combined São Paulo, Brazil to Chicago, US ultra-low latency route.

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