TierPoint offers hosted private cloud powered by Nutanix AHV

Cloud network core NEW.jpeg

TierPoint has added a Nutanix AHV hypervisor–based offering to its hosted private cloud offering, which is powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software.

"This development is a very important step in our expanding partnership with Nutanix," said Rob Carter, senior vice president of product development, architecture and engineering at TierPoint. "For our clients and prospects, our AHV-based offering helps reduce the anxiety that accompanies most IT transformation journeys. The managed service gives them more flexibility in their technology choices, while minimising the challenges often associated with shifting technologies and placing the infrastructure management responsibilities on TierPoint, so our clients can focus on other priorities."

AHV is Nutanix's native, enterprise-grade, high-performance virtualisation platform that is licence free and integrated with the Enterprise Cloud OS.

"Designed for simplicity and automation, enhanced scale, and security, Nutanix AHV hypervisor is a core building block of the virtualised data centre," said Manoj Agarwal, senior vice president of engineering and general manager of Cloud Partners. "We are excited to continue our collaboration with TierPoint, with their expanded offering now powered by Nutanix AHV, to bring enterprises' focus back on to their applications and innovation. Our joint customers will greatly benefit from the freedom of choice and intelligent automation made possible by TierPoint's managed service powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud including AHV." 

In the future, TierPoint plans on developing a Nutanix-powered disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution with native Nutanix replication and DR run book orchestration.

In June, Kansas Fiber Network announced a 100-mile extension of its fibre network with expansion into two TierPoint data centres. The first at 14500 West 105th Street, Lenexa, Kansas and at the second at 322 East Archer Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma.