InterDigital starts court action against Lenovo over 3G and 4G patents

InterDigital starts court action against Lenovo over 3G and 4G patents

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Mobile technology company InterDigital says it is taking action on alleged patent infringement against Lenovo, the Beijing based company that makes Motorola-branded devices.

InterDigital says it has standards-essential patents covering 3G and 4G technology that Lenovo is using without payment on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms and conditions.

“Having product companies take fair licences to patented technologies flowing out of fundamental research is absolutely essential for the long-term success of worldwide standards like 4G and 5G,” said William Merritt (pictured), InterDigital’s president and CEO.

The company is taking action in two courts – the English and Welsh high court in London and in the US district court in Delaware, where InterDigital has its headquarters where Lenovo has a US office.

InterDigital said this is the first time it has started patent action in the courts in six years.

It has “longstanding licensing relationships with many of the top companies in the mobile space, including successful license arrangements with Samsung, Apple, LG and Sony, among others”, said Merritt. “For our company, we turn to litigation only when we feel that negotiations are not being carried out in good faith.”

Capacity has asked Lenovo’s Hong Kong office for a comment on the action. The company said: “We don’t comment on active litigation matters I’m afraid.”

“We are hopeful for a speedy resolution and a fair licence,” said Merritt.

InterDigital said the patents it was listing in its action cover the efficient control of carrier aggregation in 4G; the use of multiple antennae transmissions in 4G; the ability for mobile phone users to have quick and efficient access to 4G networks; and a way of decreasing latency.

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