Pegasus Group Holdings to build $3bn solar data centre in Arizona

Pegasus Group Holdings to build $3bn solar data centre in Arizona

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Pegasus Group Holdings (PGH), a technology infrastructure company, has selected Mohave Country, Arizona as the new location for its $3 billion, 340MW solar-powered data centre.

"I am extremely excited to welcome Pegasus Group Holdings to Mohave County,” said Jean Bishop, Mohave County Supervisor. “Pegasus will be locating what is reported to be the largest solar powered data centre in the world, in Mohave County's District 4 – the area that I represent. The team at Pegasus Group Holdings has been delightful to work with and I am happy to say they have a desire to be strong community partners and an asset to the Mohave County/Golden Valley area."

In partnership with Plus Minus Power (PMP), a leader in renewable energy operations, PGH will operate a solar field nicknamed ‘The Hive’, which will occupy 717 acres just south of Kingman, Arizona and just north of the Griffith Energy facility.

“We have selected Mohave County for its abundant sunshine, quality labour force and the overwhelming support of Supervisor Jean Bishop and the Mohave County board of supervisors," said Jay Bloom, a member of Pegasus Group Holdings' board. “The tremendous sense of welcome and cooperation by the local government has allowed us to accelerate the launch of our project which will be operational by the end of 2019."

PMP was acquired by PGH in mid-July as the company sought to increase their operational capabilities in preparation for this solar powered data centre. PGH is currently expanding its operations with plans to provide clean, renewable energy for a myriad of new and creative projects around the globe.  

"Tami Ursenbach, the director of economic development for Mohave County, has been a champion in getting this project deployed on an accelerated timeline, which helped in the decision to bring our facility to Mohave County. We are also pleased that our project will offer 50 new jobs to the residents of Kingman, Bullhead and the surrounding areas," continued M. Alberto Ramirez, co-founder and a member of the Pegasus Group Holdings' board.

"We are excited about our partnership with Pegasus Group Holdings and our joint project in Mohave County. This is one of the most exciting uses of our solar generator assets that we have seen to date, and we look forward to moving into Mohave County with our largest installation ever," said Dan Briggs, President and CEO of Pegasus Group Holdings.

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