Atlanta’s cast-iron steam pipes protect expanded fibre network for carrier hotel

Barry Navarre STI.jpg

Atlanta-based Southern Telecom says it has leased a 1,728 fibre-count cable to a carrier hotel in the city.

The cable is protected in Southern’s cast-iron pipes that were originally used for the city’s network of steam ducts.

“We’re excited about the progress of this project and further supporting the customer’s critical fibre deployment here in Atlanta,” said business development manager Barry Navarre (pictured).

Navarre said the fibre is protected by a plastic conduit inside the cast-iron pipe network. The steam-duct infrastructure comprises 12 route miles throughout the city’s business district. They are part of Southern’s 2,600 route miles in the south-east of the US.

Southern wouldn’t identify the carrier hotel concerned: there are several in Atlanta.

“The diversity and security that our infrastructure provides is very valuable to the customer and proves to be a turnkey and cost-effective solution for its expansion plans,” said Navarre.

Atlanta is the home of our International Telecoms Week (ITW) event, which ran in June and will be back in June 2020.