Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier: Reaching further into the clouds with innovative cloud connectivity solutions

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier: Reaching further into the clouds with innovative cloud connectivity solutions


The demand for cloud access is steadily growing, in large part due to rising digitisation, a booming IoT landscape and expanding mobility services.

To meet that need, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has been busy expanding its Secure Cloud Connect service, which was launched last year. Now it makes it even easier for customers to receive simple, secure and superior access to cloud service providers (CSPs).

According to figures from Cisco, zettabyte-level growth in data volumes is expected in the coming years, resulting in global IP traffic swelling from 6.8ZB in 2016 to 20.6ZB in 2021. Research company IDC predicts that global spending on public cloud and infrastructure services will increase by 24 per cent in 2019, to US$210 billion. Much of this expansion will be propelled by hyperscale cloud providers, and companies and users wanting to gain access to them.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s Secure Cloud Connect, aimed at wholesale and enterprise customers, offers a secure, high-level, cloud-connect service for mission-critical applications. It does so by providing a fully private connection that does not use the public internet. Delivered via a dedicated Layer 2 Ethernet connection, a maximum level of security and availability is thus ensured.

With Secure Cloud Connect, it’s possible for a client to reach around 40 different cloud service providers across Europe and the US. This is accomplished through direct relationships with specific CSPs or via cloud exchange. The service can be quickly established and saves customers time and money by avoiding complex contractual agreements with individual providers that additionally ask for large initial outlays.

Direct connections

To boost the speed and ease of implementation and reduce costs, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has initiated partnerships that enable direct connections to specific CSPs. Those include the Open Telekom Cloud offering of T-Systems, Amazon Web Services and the recently added Google Cloud.

These moves give customers access to renowned cloud players with significant brand strength. Conversely, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is attractive to CSPs because it facilitates access to the rapidly growing Eastern European markets, where it has a strong presence.

“Secure Cloud Connect is quite innovative,” says Jasmina Cehajic, head of product management for Access & Transport Services at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. “We have seen a very positive response over the past year. Customers are extremely pleased with the ease of set-up and the cost savings, as well as our ability to enable their multi-cloud strategy. And many are amazed with the partnerships we’ve established with big name CSPs. All in all, a win-win situation.”

In the near future, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier expects to expand the service via other forms of connectivity, such as Layer 3 IP VPN.

A public option

In addition to Secure Cloud Connect, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier also offers its Public Cloud Connect service. This is a safe solution for the growing number of customers wanting to connect to the public cloud.

The Public Cloud Connect service links to the chosen cloud provider via Deutsche Telekom’s IP Transit network, which runs over its highly protected AS3320. As a global network provider, the company offers continuous, on-demand and direct access to multiple public clouds. And because it is able to handle extremely large volumes of capacity, traffic congestion is never a threat.

A cloud solution for every need

In addition to ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness, the high level of security afforded by Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s cloud services ensures compliance with legal regulations. That includes the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), whereby enterprises must ensure their cloud services are secure and protected for customers.

With a wide range of options, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier provides secure, high-performing and low-latency solutions that deliver exactly what customers need to connect to major CSPs. All they need to do is decide whether they require private, public or hybrid cloud solutions – and then smile and enjoy the benefits. 

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