Connectivity for the Digital Revolution

Connectivity for the Digital Revolution

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TOMIA has created a new category by bridging wholesale and inter-carrier connectivity with roaming and clearing.

Connectivity lies at the heart of the modern day world. With new technologies rapidly entering the connectivity sphere every day it can be overwhelming for businesses to keep up with their journey to digitally transform. This is why it is vital to transform today’s telecommunications structure. Leveraging the core capabilities of two global leaders, Telarix and Starhome Mach in optimizing CSP’s profitability, TOMIA constitutes the industry’s single offering to cover both roaming and interconnect to support the evolving needs of complex connectivity in the digital era. Put simply, TOMIA is implementing the first standardization of the new telecommunications infrastructure and its services, enabling providers to monetize the digital revolution.

For the first time operators and carriers are now able to benefit from one, unified view of the end-to-end connectivity process, operators’ margins and the customer journey. By monitoring the full scope of activities on a single platform, carriers and operators are able to better manage their margins and optimize agreements, as well as identify fraud in real time, thereby decreasing their overall costs and risk.

Across many services including voice, SMS, mobility and roaming, we are uniquely positioned to demonstrate end-to-end monetization. This covers three important elements. The first is how to establish a carrier-to-carrier agreement and provide the ability to make sure that operators can look at their margins based on the contracts and bi-lateral agreements they set. The second is how to optimize the execution of the service, whether it’s on the routing for the interconnect carrier to carrier business or for roaming or settlement reconciliation. Last but not least it is about how to ensure the execution of the service in economic terms. This is a critical asset for carriers to think about within their business.

The market reaction to our new brand announcement was great. We received a lot of support and encouragement as we brought together 20 years of experience in the respective ecosystems of both former companies. But while we are a known entity with significant heritage, we are bringing a fresh view to the value of connectivity in the context of transformation.

We boast several areas of innovation. Firstly, the foundation of innovation that comes from our deep understanding of the carrier business and from software, which is a catalyst to bringing that innovation to market. Another is our expertise within telecom services. Through the evolution to 5G and VoLTE technologies we are bringing roaming to Network Function Virtualization

(NFV) capabilities. Finally, integrating Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into our portfolio, TOMIA will enable carrier and operators to digitally transform their services. Below are just two examples of the unique synergy and value TOMIA brings:

Applying Artificial Intelligence to fraud management and monetization


We are applying Artificial Intelligence to our traditional capabilities to become the leaders in international fraud prevention and monetization across interconnect and roaming. We are offering one combined and complete portfolio for international fraud prevention services, using Machine Learning driven decision making.

Blockchain based smart contracts and smart settlement

We are using Blockchain to bring capabilities around defining smart contracts and smart settlement processes, to create more cost and operational efficient solutions. Our goal is to assist carriers as their billing and settlement needs continue to evolve.

"Through the partnerships with our customers we have recognized that they are internally reorganizing, creating a new category. We are taking the same approach” - Marco Limena

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