Aryaka becomes launch partner for Microsoft Azure Networking Services Virtual WAN

Aryaka becomes launch partner for Microsoft Azure Networking Services Virtual WAN


Aryaka has been selected by Microsoft as one of the first partners for its new Microsoft Azure Networking Managed Services Provider (MSP) program.

The new offering combines SD-WAN technology and a global managed service that will help accelerate and simplify SD-WAN connectivity to Microsoft Azure.

“We are proud to be one of the first SD-WAN technology vendors participating in today’s launch with a unified offering, setting the stage for a more cohesive and easier to consume service,” said Shashi Kiran, CMO of Aryaka. “The advantages of this new managed offering include an optimised architecture that permits enterprises to better scale their Azure VNET deployments, a simplified branch to Azure VNET connectivity, and a faster response to service activation and change.”

The partnership with Microsoft Azure is a natural extension of Aryaka’s core service offering, using the platform’s multi-cloud connectivity that offers distributed, SLA-driven access to Azure IaaS/PaaS via ExpressRoute as well as access to SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365.

“We are excited to be working with Aryaka as a launch partner for our Azure Virtual WAN offering,” said Ross Ortega, Partner PM, Azure Marketing for Microsoft Corp. “The combination of our global infrastructure and Aryaka’s dedicated Microsoft Azure access and monitoring will ease adoption of our networking services.”

 As part of the offering, Aryaka is not only providing connectivity, but also monitoring the VWAN, providing customers with an integrated, single view into their managed WAN that includes the MyAryaka portal.

 “Our goal is to become 100 percent cloud, and there are two partners helping us get there: Microsoft and Aryaka,” added Stan Yarbrough, senior global IT architect at Element Solutions. “We’re excited to see the two companies come together to provide an end-to-end management solution for our network. Now that Aryaka handles our entire wide area network all the way into Azure, our lean and mean IT team can focus on other business priorities.”

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