Retelit becomes global player amid US and Asia expansion

Retelit becomes global player amid US and Asia expansion


Retelit has expanded its international network reach by launching new routes to the US and upgrading existing routes between Europe-Asia and intra-Asia.

The Italian telecommunications operator has expanded its network footprint to the US and consolidated its Asian presence by opening a point of presence (PoP) in Hong Kong.

With the opening of the Hong Kong PoP and establishing internet public peering in New York, Retelit has further consolidated its position on the market as a global operator connecting four continents through a fully redundant network delivering high quality services.

 “With these latest projects we establish ourselves as - to all effects and purposes - a global operator,” said Federico Protto, chief executive officer and general manager of Retelit (pictured).

“We have a presence on seven international cable systems and through the new infrastructure now connect four continents, continuing to pursue a strategy which increasingly places Italy as a strategic hub for data traffic flows from the countries of the Far East, the Middle East, Africa - and now also from America - to Europe and vice versa”.

United States

The network expansion to the United States, on the Apollo North and Apollo South cable systems and the establishment of public peering at the main internet exchange in New York, has the strategic goal to significantly boost the quality of the IP transit service intercepting the high value content coming from the American market.

This strategy, along with Retelit’s sharp focus on the quality of the IP services and the provision of SD-WAN services, strengthens the company’s position in both carrier and enterprise markets. The company says that in the future, “New York is also set to become a multi-service PoP equal to that undertaken in the East with the opening of the Hong Kong PoP”.


The strengthening of the Asian connections concerns the Frankfurt-Hong Kong and Hong Kong-Singapore routes and consolidates the strategy pursued by Retelit over recent years to meet new demand and satisfy market Eurasia demand.

The upgraded connection between Hong Kong and Frankfurt regards the terrestrial route of the TEA-4, added to the existing submarine sections in 2018, in protection of the low latency AAE-1 cable, which during 2019 will be upgraded to the new 200Gbps technology.

Retelit can offer a premium quality and redundant route to its customers, including the financial services market, offering a highly-reliable service with the lowest latency possible. The company says “the AAE-1 route today from Hong Kong to Milan or Frankfurt via Bari and the TEA-4 are respectively first and second in the ranking of connections with the lowest latency measure on the market among the two cities”.

Retelit has upgraded the Hong Kong-Singapore connection, acquired new capacity on the APG submarine cable system and opened a new multi-service PoP in Hong Kong to boost the value and quality of services offered to carriers for the multinational customers market.

The Hong Kong PoP adds to those already operating in Frankfurt, Marseilles and London.

Giuseppe Sini, head of the Retelit International BU, added. “The strategy for the next three years is to consolidate our position in the Mediterranean, serving the OTTs and large carriers market. Moreover, Retelit also now has the opportunity to provide innovative software-defined services delivered through our proprietary and exclusive rights infrastructure. This position gives Retelit a significant competitive advantage to ensure end-to-end quality to the global market”.

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