NJFX launches new WAN capabilities at WAN Summit 2019

NJFX launches new WAN capabilities at WAN Summit 2019

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NJFX has announced the availability of new intercontinental wide area network (WAN) capabilities between North America, South America and Europe.

The new capabilities have been developed in partnership with Bulk Infrastructure and Neutrona Networks, and will be showcased for the first time during 2019 WAN Summit in New York City.

“NJFX started the revolution in the subsea industry with our carrier-neutral Tier 3 by the subsea model,” said Roy Hilliard, VP of business development for NJFX. “We can be sure the next wave of technological advancement will be just as compelling with the onset of the enterprise revolution, which takes the WAN model and extends it into other continents through our unique CLS campus. All of these dynamics will spur the evolution forward and enable further operational independence for enterprises and financial firms.”

Conceived 20 years ago to connect geographically distributed private networks with local area networks; global WANs today extend through cable landing stations (CLS) locations such as NJFX and provide the same operational independence and certainty across network architectures.

“The industry is changing rapidly with cloud and content providers creating new models of network architecture to achieve economies of scale, reliability and greater network resiliency,” adds Peder Nærbø, CEO for Bulk Infrastructure. “This is evident in our recent deal with Amazon Web Services to allow it to use our portion of the Havfrue subsea cable. As such, we value our work with NJFX as it has established itself as an innovative on/off ramp to global networks.”

NJFX’s CLS campus offers access to five subsea cable systems, including Havfrue, part of a consortium including Bulk Infrastructure, which connects the US at the NJFX CLS to Northern Europe. In addition, through strategic partners such as Neutrona Networks, a leading technology solutions provider, NJFX customers can access points of presence in 15 countries in Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

“By being a part of the NJFX ecosystem, we are able to extend the WAN to Latin America, as well as the Caribbean,” said Luciano Salata, president and co-founder of Neutrona Networks. “This is especially important for financial firms as well as enterprises who are looking for managed connectivity to public clouds and can easily leverage our SDN-ready network. We are proud to be a part of the innovative spirit NJFX has created by enabling real solutions and innovative approaches with its partners.”

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