Sabey Data Centers upgrades capacity at Seattle flagship facility

Sabey Data Centers upgrades capacity at Seattle flagship facility

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Seattle-based Sabey Data Centers has commenced construction at its flagship SDC5 facility to add 1,500kW of power available to its powered shell and turn-key colocation tenants at the property.

The additional capacity will be provided through the installation of all new air handling equipment and an additional 2,500 kW back-up generator at the campus’ main building - enough to power about 2200 average homes.

“Intergate.Seattle’s Building 5 is both a historical and on-going success story for our firm. The property harkens back to our start, four decades ago, as the principal builder of ‘clean rooms’ for Boeing, to meet the demands of an aircraft industry that was becoming increasingly reliant on airborne automation hardware,” said Rob Rockwood, president of Sabey Data Centers.

“After the implosion of many technology companies in the early 2000s, we received the building back through the bankruptcy of a large tech company with less than half of its 300,000 sq ft of data centre white space built-out and none of it fully commissioned. We undertook the completion of the commissioning and have leased and managed it ever since.”

The space includes both powered shell space and turn-key data centre space, and out of the original 300,000 sq ft of data centre space, only approximately 25,000 sq ft remains to be built-out.

John Ford, vice president of Sabey Data Centers and general manager of Intergate.Seattle, added that Intergate.Seattle has multiple buildings with space available and two additional building lots adjacent. An ample amount of hydro-electric power serves the campus with major expansion capacity available. Sabey continues to build additional capacity on its campuses in Central Washington and in Ashburn Virginia.

The news comes after Sabey enhanced capacity at its Ashburn data centre campus, Intergate.Ashburn, partnered with Telia Carrier to leverage its 100G-enabled IP backbone to provide scalable capacity and connectivity to the Seattle metro area, and established a partnership with Repeater Communications Group with its Intergate.Manhattan.

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