PCCW Global, Orange partner to land PEACE subsea cable in France

PCCW Global, Orange partner to land PEACE subsea cable in France


PCCW Global has teamed up with Orange to jointly land the 12,000km-long Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) cable in Marseille, France.

The cable system, which will come into service in Q1 2020, will provide 60Tbps of design capacity and will terminate in a carrier-neutral data centre. The system design will adopt the latest 200Gbps and WSS technology, which provides the capability to transmit over 16Tbps per fibre pair, servicing growing regional capacity needs.

The backbone of the project will interconnect Pakistan, Djibouti, Egypt, Kenya and France, providing critical interconnections to key Asian, European, and African economic corridors, with additional planned landing points and extensions.


“Our cable landing collaboration with Orange is a critically important step towards bringing PEACE online,” said Marc Halbfinger, chief executive officer of PCCW Global. Capacity recently interviewed Halbfinger in the October/November magazine >>> CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW <<<

"Existing congested data routes between Europe and Asia will receive a significant boost when PEACE becomes active from Marseille. In addition, Africa is steadily increasing its demand for world-class connectivity services and PEACE will provide the backbone infrastructure that is critical for the continent’s continued dramatic growth. Both environments will be further served by Belt & Road objectives.”

PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, covers more than 150 countries and its network supports a portfolio of integrated global communications services including connectivity, applications, and tailored solutions facilitated by the on-demand Console Connect digital platform.

The partnership follows the announcement that PCCW Global, which won the Best Subsea Innovation award at the Global Carrier Awards in October, had signed a collaboration agreement with HENGTONG Group to connect China to Europe and Africa via the PEACE cable.


When complete, the high-speed PEACE cable system will offer the shortest routes from China to Europe and Africa, interconnecting three of the world’s most populous continents whilst at the same time dramatically reducing latency, delivering a superior connectivity experience which will be ideal for a vast array of commercial and consumer applications.

Once completed, PEACE will strengthen links between the three most populated continents in the world. Orange will benefit from additional capacity between Marseille & Mombasa, on a new system therefore providing, together with the existing systems EASSy and LION, additional resilience to Orange voice and broadband traffic in the Indian Ocean and in particular for the islands of Réunion and Mayotte.


“If internet is a worldwide phenomenon, it is thanks to the submarine cable spanning the planet in providing that connectivity,” added Jérôme Barré, CEO of Orange Wholesale & International Networks.

“This is why Orange continues to invest in building and optimising its network infrastructure. Through our partnership with PCCW Global, Orange is set to secure and improve connectivity between Europe, East Africa & Asia and support the development of new uses for its consumer and enterprise customers.”

The Orange Wholesale & International Networks division launched in early May, which embraces all wholesale activities, both in France and internationally, as well as networks and infrastructure, and roaming activity, under one roof. Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, as CEO of Orange International Carriers, has continued to manage international connectivity and transmission services for wholesale voice, mobile, internet and security services within this division.

PEACE Cable International Network announced in October that, in collaboration with Huawei Marine Networks, its PEACE cable project had begun the cable and material manufacturing stage.


“PEACE cable has created a new business model in the submarine cable industry that builds a bridge for these regions communications and provides connectivity opportunities to players all along the route by investing in the branches and gaining bandwidth on the trunk in a more efficient way,” said Sun Xiaohua, chief operating officer of PEACE cable. Capacity spoke to the COO as one of our big interviews in the October/November magazine >>> CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW <<<


Innovative new technologies are being deployed in the construction phase of the project which will enable bandwidth allocation to be modified during the lifetime of the cable. Once the cable is live, individual cable stakeholders will have the ability to architect and implement the network to their own specifications, without impacting others using the same cable system.

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