Accedian launches new network analytics solution

Accedian launches new network analytics solution

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Accedian has launched a new analytics solution which aims to give network and IT operations teams a single view of network behaviour.

The solution, named SkyLIGHT DataHUB IQ, enables the prioritisation of the most severe customer-impacting issues, meaning network managers can resolve these issues quicker. It also shows them how subscribers are experiencing the network.

DataHUB IQ combines and correlates highly granular active and passive monitoring metrics from Accedian’s SkyLIGHT portfolio with network data from other vendors and sources. Machine learning capabilities are used to detect anomalies from baseline performance, to provide insight into network behavior and issues, and to predict future network issues before they occur. This real-time, contextual insight can be used to automate the performance of virtual and hybrid networks, particularly for closed loop automation and self-healing networks, it explained.

“The move towards cloud networks and architectures puts immense strain on those tasked with managing their performance,” said Patrick Ostiguy, Founder, President and CEO of Accedian. “SkyLIGHT DataHUB IQ provides a ‘single pane of glass’ through which network and IT operations can troubleshoot network and service problems, using machine learning to identify, predict and prevent issues soon to occur. SkyLIGHT DataHUB IQ will dramatically alter the economics of network and service management going forward.”

Colt is currently running a Proof of Concept of Accedian’s SkyLIGHT DataHUB IQ solution. The solution is leveraging current and historical performance data and machine learning to adjust service parameters in a closed loop.

Accedian and Colt will take part in a live demonstration of the platform during the Service Assurance Proof of Concept showcase at MEF18.

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