Roaming specialist Mobileum buys Evolved Intelligence

Roaming specialist Mobileum buys Evolved Intelligence


Risk management company Mobileum has bought cloud-based roaming company Evolved Intelligence for an undisclosed price.

UK-based Evolved Intelligence specialises in cloud-hosted roaming value-added services, as well as analytics-based fraud management and signalling security solutions for mobile operators and signalling providers.

“Evolved Intelligence is a leading company in the mobile network security space. The company has developed an impressive suite of technology and products that accelerates cloud deployment and facilitates managed services,” said Bobby Srinivasan, CEO of Mobileum – formerly called Roamware.

Eden Ventures, described as an early stage venture capital fund, sold Evolved Intelligence to Mobileum, owned by Audax Private Equity.

Eden Ventures does not have a working website – it reads just “under construction” – but it describes itself on LinkedIn as a company that “invests in technology companies in the telecommunications software, enterprise software, SaaS, digital media, e-commerce, internet, social media and mobile sectors”. It was an investor in NewVoiceMedia, bought this year by Vonage.

Paul Gill, who was CEO of Evolved Intelligence, said, “Mobileum, with its global customer reach, is an ideal partner for Evolved Intelligence at this stage in our growth, and the partnership places us securely at the center of an exciting time in the telecoms industry.”

Gill has been with Evolved Intelligence since 2010, when he left Apertio, a mobile signalling company that was bought by Nokia two years before. According to Mobileum’s website, Gill is now general manager of its security business unit.

He added: “The integration between Evolved Intelligence and Mobileum also allows us to invest in the architecture for next generation distributed networks and leverage the analytics capabilities of Mobileum to further bolster our award-winning signalling firewall offering.”

Mobileum has been around for 17 years but was bought by Audax Private Equity in 2016. It has supplied analytics to 600 telcos in 150 countries. Evolved Intelligence, set up in 2007, has supplied network intelligence systems to more than 40 companies.




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