Epsilon using NJFX to allow SDN to bypass New York

Epsilon using NJFX to allow SDN to bypass New York

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Epsilon has extended its software-defined networking (SDN) platform, Infiny, to offer the ability to bypass New York entirely.

The company has connected its network backbone to NJFX’s facility in Wall, New Jersey, it announced today.

“NJFX is a pivotal data centre for transatlantic traffic,” said Epsilon CEO Jerzy Szlosarek. “With multiple transatlantic cables coming directly into the NJFX facility, connectivity can happen right at the edge, without legacy bottlenecks, and can then continue across North America via the complete Epsilon network.”

Epsilon customers can connect directly to Europe from NJFX in Wall via the Transatlantic Bridge, including the TGN cable as well as the Havfrue (AEC2) cable when it is ready for service. 

The company said that NJFX, with its carrier partners, has transformed its data centre into an interconnection hub offering direct access to multiple independent subsea cable systems connecting North and South America, Europe and the Caribbean.

NJFX offers Tier 3 carrier-neutral data centre capabilities with direct access to multiple subsea cables.

Users of Infiny will gain access to such connectivity services on-demand via web-based portal, mobile applications and APIs, said Epsilon.

“NJFX is proud to be an integral part of Epsilon’s Global Network Fabric,” said NJFX CEO Gil Santaliz. “As applications and client demands continue to push the need for data to be closer to the edge, NJFX is meeting and exceeding that demand by providing strong interconnections between customers, partners and subsea cable systems.”

Epsilon’s global network is deployed across over 100 points of presence globally and includes an interconnect ecosystem of 600 service providers, cloud services providers and internet exchanges. Epsilon also has PoPs in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and in Canada, with 100G services all on-demand, providing agile network capability and supporting high capacity connectivity.





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