Rogers seeks participants for Canadian trials of new LTE-M network

Rogers seeks participants for Canadian trials of new LTE-M network


Canadian operator Rogers is looking for companies to take part in trials of its new LTE-M network.

The company says it will launch the network – which uses 4G technology for internet of things (IoT) services – in the province of Ontario this year, and plans for it to be nationwide by 2020.

Jorge Fernandes, CTO of Rogers Communications, said: “LTE-M will bring massive IoT to life – a market with tremendous scale for connected devices – and will fundamentally improve how Canadian businesses and cities operate.”

The LTE-M network will help businesses connect and track their assets in real time, said Rogers, using solutions such as logistics tracking, alarm monitoring and smart metering. LTE-M is a variant of the LTE standard that allows low-power devices to connect over long distances with longer battery life and better network coverage in hard-to-reach areas.

“As leaders in IoT, we are committed to supporting our customers as they explore the capabilities and benefits available through Rogers’ rapidly growing IoT ecosystem,” said Dean Prevost, president of Rogers Communications’ enterprise operations.

“With the launch of LTE-M, we are empowering the adoption of reliable, low cost and secure IoT solutions that support a variety of use cases such as asset tracking, smart cities, utilities, transportation and supply chain management.”

Rogers said is expanding its portfolio of IoT solutions to meet the needs of businesses and municipalities, and it has posted an online application form for IoT solution providers that are interested in working with the company or taking part in LTE-M field trials.

The company said this investment is a stepping stone in its plan to bring 5G to Canada with its network partner, Ericsson. “Rogers has a strong history of innovation in IoT. LTE-M continues that leadership and is a key part of our plan towards building a 5G-ready network,” said Fernandes.





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