Juniper Networks unveils suite of automation services

Juniper Networks unveils suite of automation services

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Juniper Networks has announced a number of new offerings which aim to support the carrier industry’s move to automated services.

The new offerings, which include tools, labs and libraries aimed at accelerating the adoption of automation. These include tools that allow access to virtual devices running in the cloud.

One of the products – Juniper EngNet – comes complete with documentation and a full suite of tools to support carriers moving from manual to automated operations. Juniper also unveiled its NRE Labs, which is a web-based, on-demand automation curriculum which looks at the emerging network reliability engineering role being seen across the industry.

A recent Gartner report that forecasts that “by 2022, only 25% of network operations teams will use command line interfaces as their primary interface, which is down from more than 70% today.”

Migrating an industry from 70 percent CLI to 70 percent automation requires industry-wide rethinking of the approach to network automation, Juniper claims.

Bikash Koley, CTO of Juniper Networks, said: “Imagine a world where car makers kept pushing out new vehicles every year, but drivers’ education never existed. You’d end up with stagnant automobiles that no one knows how to drive.

“Automating the network is no different. Every year we hear of a new product that can automate “this” or program “that,” but if you don’t first start with the people, process and cultural change of automation, then you’ll never see anyone actually adopt it. Our multifaceted initiative announced today aims to close the gap between automated product and automation skillsets to foster adoption across the industry.”

Additionally, Juniper Networks and Nutanix, which works in enterprise cloud computing, has announced an enhanced new partnership initiative designed to simplify enterprises’ journey to multicloud architectures, making network and security act as seamless partners to with compute and storage.

The partnership will see Juniper’s Contrail Enterprise Multicloud offering integrate with Nutanix’s APIs to offer enterprises more network visibility on virtualised workloads, allowing for automated fabric management.

Raja Mukhopadhyay, VP of product management, Nutanix, said: “The future of enterprise infrastructure is multi-cloud - that’s no longer up for debate. Networking shouldn’t be the complex burden holding companies back from this transition, and that’s why we’re so committed to working with our partners like Juniper to offer our joint customers seamless, secure networking fit for the multi-cloud world.”

Koley added: “As enterprises race toward multicloud, they are burdened with complexities that arise during each stage of the journey. By integrating Contrail Enterprise Multicloud and Juniper’s Unified Cybersecurity Platform with Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud, we are delivering an end-to-end secure and automated multicloud environment spanning compute, storage and networking for our customers.”

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