CenturyLink launches Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections

CenturyLink launches Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections

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CenturyLink has launched Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections, a new offering that gives enterprises increased control over their networks will the ability to easily self-provision connections on-demand through a secure portal or API integration.

The new solution enables real-time creation and deletion of private Ethernet connections to cloud service providers. As a result, customers can dynamically connect across hybrid cloud workloads including their private cloud and data centre locations as well as within a cloud provider.

"CenturyLink can now provide on-demand, real-time network connections between enterprise locations, public data centres and cloud service providers across the globe," said Paul Savill, senior vice president of core network and technology solutions at CenturyLink. "This also demonstrates how CenturyLink's global network and hybrid cloud management solutions make the cloud ecosystem easier for enterprises to leverage. Our on-net customers can now enjoy a network experience that matches their cloud experience—wherever they operate."

The new functionality makes it easier for enterprises to use flexible, high performance networking in a variety of configurations. With the new offering, enterprises can quickly and easily connect locations on CenturyLink's fibre network of more than 2,200 public and private data centres and over 100,000 on-net enterprise buildings to cloud service providers globally.

"Delivery of a traditional switched Ethernet circuit, from contract sign to turn up, averages close to 60 days for many carriers, making services such as CenturyLink's Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections, which can turn up the same service in a matter of minutes, incredibly valuable," said Fedor Smith, president of Atlantic-ACM. "The on-demand environment enabled by cloud services will no longer be shackled by the time restraints of traditional network implementation or limited to inter-data centre connectivity."

Only last month, CenturyLink expanded the reach of its software-defined wide area network service to cover more than 30 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America.

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