Nuage Networks launches SD-WAN 2.0

Nuage Networks launches SD-WAN 2.0

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Nokia has unveiled the latest release of the Nuage Networks virtualised network services (VNS) platform.

Nuage Networks VNS is being hailed as the ‘industry’s first SD-WAN 2.0 solution. The new offering delivers secure end-to-end network control across a multi-cloud environment, with complete visibility and access from a single management interface. As well as a services architecture to deliver and orchestrate enterprise IT services across data centres, public cloud service, software as-a-service (SaaS) providers and enterprise branch sites.

"The industry is on the cusp of a big shift towards SD-WAN. Today, Nuage solidifies its SD-WAN 2.0 leadership, adding key features to improve the security and manageability of VNS, and further reinforces our founding vision to connect enterprise users to their applications without boundaries. Unlike other vendors that either have basic connectivity solutions, use proprietary hardware or need to cobble together multiple platforms to address enterprise IT needs, we purposefully developed our VNS offer on a single platform to give our customers a powerful, seamless and consistent set of capabilities across the entire network. By offering IT services over SD-WAN and combining them with Nuage's core strengths in large scale networking and operational capabilities, Nuage Networks VNS establishes itself as the industry's first and foremost SD-WAN 2.0 platform," said Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks.

According to figures from IDC, a telecoms research firm, SD-WAN infrastructure will see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.4% increasing from 833 million in 2017 to more than 4.5 billion by the year 2022. In addition, the company expects he market to expand by 58% in 2018 valuing at more than $1.3 billion.

“Network challenges are coming to the fore as organisations worldwide embrace multi-cloud as a means of achieving digital-transformation objectives. Indeed, IDC finds that enterprises are thinking more comprehensively and holistically about how their networks will support the full spectrum of multi-cloud - from on-premises data centres to IaaS and Saas public clouds and out to the branch offices and remote locations that constitute the intelligent edge. With its latest release of the virtualised services platform (VSP) and its vision for SD-WAN 2.0, Nuage Networks addresses the need for secure networking across the multi-cloud landscape,” said Brad Casemore, vice president of research at IDC.

Nokia says that Nuage Networks’ VNS is the only SD-WAN 2.0 offering that is purpose built to address new enterprise IT challenges with an automated and unified next-gen solution. By providing flexible multi-cloud capabilities Nuage creates an immediate reduction in operational expenses and cost, as well as improved agility  and operational consistency across the multi-cloud environment.

The news complements Nuage’s recently acquired contracts with global service providers and enterprises inlcuding Banco Multiva, Cogeco Peer1, Credit Andorra, Etisalat, Equal, Globe Telecom, NTT Com India, Orange X, Telefonica, UPMC, and Vertel, in addition to over 50 service providers.

"The adoption of SD-WAN by enterprise grows rapidly, driven by the desire to connect branch locations and on-premises data centres with workloads placed in cloud service provider data centres and SaaS services. Effectively, enterprises are creating a multi-cloud ecosystem. Ensuring a high-quality user experience with applications distributed across the multi-cloud makes secure, high-performance adaptive connectivity an imperative. For 2017, the revenue to cloud service providers was over $160 billion, with revenue over $375 billion forecast for 2022. 2017 revenue for SD-WAN vendors was $475 million, and is expected to hit 3.6 billion in 2022, signalling a strong need for secure multi-cloud connectivity. Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 focus on providing a secure virtual networking fabric for the multi-cloud answers an important market requirement," Cliff Grossner, senior research director and advisor, cloud and data centre research practice of IHS Markit.

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