Verizon launches first commercial 5G broadband

Verizon launches first commercial 5G broadband

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Verizon says it is continuing “its legacy of consumer firsts” with the launch of Verizon 5G Home, the “world’s first” commercial 5G broadband internet service.

“5G is here,” said Hans Vestberg, chief executive officer, Verizon (pictured). “To be first, we encouraged others in the ecosystem to move more quickly at every step. We appreciate the partnership of network equipment makers, device manufacturers, software developers and chipmakers in reaching this critical milestone. The entire wireless industry gets to celebrate.”

Going live 1 October, customers can go to to sign up to be a First on 5G member. The new offering will initially be available in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, and is built on Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network.

Verizon has been at the forefront of 5G development for the last three years with its 5G Technology Forum, 5G Labs, work with international standards bodies, and collaboration with network equipment and device makers.

“We spent the last three years driving the industry to bring 5G to consumers as soon as possible,” said Ronan Dunne, head of Verizon’s wireless business. “We developed early standards that allowed the industry and hardware and software manufacturers to build solutions more quickly. As a result of this initiative and ongoing collaboration, we will rapidly deliver the promise of 5G to our customers.”

Early customer of the new service should expect typical network speeds of around 300Mbps with peak speeds of nearly 1Gbps. Verizon says that the offering is ideal for customer looking to “cut the cord” or upgrade from their current cable service.

Additional benefits of Verizon 5G Home include YouTube TV free the first three months and a free Apple TV 4K or Google Chromecast Ultra device at installation.

Once the initial deployment goes live in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, the company plans on rapidly expanding its coverage area once it can install the new standards-compliant equipment from its vendors. 

“’First On 5G’ Members get early access to Verizon 5G Home and are first in line for new services, including 5G mobility,” said Tami Erwin, Verizon’s wireless operations leader. “You want an opportunity to cut the cord with your cable company? Now you can cut the cord and go cable free, while getting fast, reliable home internet service over the hottest new technology.”

Because 5G Home is built on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband Network, it benefits from end-to-end deep fibre throughout the network; a large deployment of small cells; and vital spectrum holdings, particularly in the millimetre wave bands, which enables the full potential of 5G for capacity, throughput and latency.

“To deliver the full potential of 5G, a wireless network provider must have three fundamental assets: deep fibre resources, a large deployment of small cells and critical spectrum holdings. That’s Ultra Wideband,” said Kyle Malady, Verizon’s chief technology officer. “We will deliver a revolutionary 5G experience that will change how people live, work and play.”

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