Collaboration is the key to end-to-end interoperability says, Capacity North America panel

Collaboration is the key to end-to-end interoperability says, Capacity North America panel

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Panellists from the 2018 Capacity North America conference discuss the topics of interoperability and the place of virtualisation in all of it.

You can’t say we’re not flexible. The first panel session of Capacity North America saw a quick schedule change combining speakers from the virtualisation and the necessity of interoperability and the always staying connected: what does the IoT future mean for network connectivity discussion.

Moderated by Andrew Lipman of Morgan, Lewis and Bockius, panellists of the newly combined discussion included Epsilon’s CCO, Carl Roberts; Jim Sabey, head of BT USA networking & compute sales specialist; Dr Len Dauphinee, president of Homegrid Forum; Ron Winward, security evangelist of Radware; and Dawane Young, division VP – voice, wireless and platforms at Verizon.

Speaking on the importance of collaboration when it comes to virtualisation and Epsilon’s place in all that, Roberts said: “ultimately nobody can do everything and one of the things that we as a much smaller company does is actually stich together capability.”

As far as interoperability, he says that “SDNs allows us, if we work together as an industry, through seamless APIs to do it all end-to-end. Where we can help each other to actually service the needs of a new IoT and even bring 5G and mobile networks onto a fixed network fabric.”

On the topic of virtualisation and security, Winward commented: “If we’re able to, as a service provider, put security closer to my customers, closer to the edge, and have them be big beefy boxes, that can handle the large tasks that’s what our customers want. Before without a multi-tenancy solution that wasn’t even an option, now thanks to SDN paired with various multi-tenancy options, we can now provide that for our individual customers on an individual basis.”

Sharing his thoughts on what’s ahead for 2019, Verizon’s Young said “we’ve worked on the collaboration and interoperability piece in 2018 by 2019 we hope to see collaboration not just in standards bodies but also the partnerships amongst us develop and grow.”

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