CMC Networks deploys 128T networking platform in South Africa

CMC Networks deploys 128T networking platform in South Africa

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128 Technology has announced the commercial deployment of its 128T Session Smart Networking Platform with CMC Networks in South Africa.

Under the terms of the agreement, the platform will be rolled out across 16 countries with the intention of expanding globally in the coming year.

“128 Technology’s Networking Platform transforms our network, allowing us to provide better service quality to our customers, while deploying the most cost-effective and competitive solution available in the market, 128T compliments both the MPLS and IP Core Network, allowing dynamic and instantaneous traffic flow control whilst preserving the end customer SLA requirements” said Geoff Dornan, chief technical officer, CMC Networks.

CMC has an extensive pan- African network with additional presence in the Middle East, Western Asia, the US and Europe. A common challenge CMC says it faces is network reliability, in particular link outages that can result in inconsistent network access for customers, something that 128 Technology’s solution addresses. 

“As the need for SD-WAN based services increases across the African continent our customers can leverage off the Next Generation SD-WAN capabilities 128T provides, allowing for a smooth transition from legacy networking technologies to the rigorous demands next generation IP networks require. CMC is proud to deploy the first intelligent next generation WAN network of its kind in Africa,” added Dornan.

The 128T Session Smart Router is a software-based, distributed router based on 128 Technology’s Session Smart Technology and Secure Vector Routing (SVR). According to 128, the Session Smart Router allows enterprises and service providers to build service-centric fabrics that create simplicity, agility, security, performance and savings.

“CMC Networks required a cutting edge solution that is both agile and addresses the issue of spotty network connection. Its enterprise customers need a streamlined approach that allows them to do business securely, without interruption, and avoids the ‘bandwidth tax’ associated with hardware-based tunneling and middle boxes,” said Andy Ory, CEO of 128 Technology.

CMC Networks deployed 128 Technology’s with the help of Redvine Networks, a part of the 128 Technology partner program.

“This will be a game changer for CMC’s customers removing the dependency on legacy networking devices,” said Binesh George, CEO of Redvine Networks. “This impacts not only existing customer technologies, but also opens up an exciting new array of offerings previously not ever seen in the African region.”

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