ARM Data Center Solutions grows 300% over its first year

ARM Data Center Solutions grows 300% over its first year

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ARM Data Center Solutions confirms that it has grown 300% since its launch last year at Capacity North America by enabling clients to transform their network inventory practices.

The network inventory and asset recovery company, is working together with network providers to stop expense leakage, integrate acquisitions and turn up revenue faster, resulting in millions of dollars of Netex, Capex, and recovered revenues for its clients. In one instance ARM says it saved one network operator 21% of their monthly of-net expense.   

“Clients are demanding the same thing whether they are CLECs, data centre operators, or fibre operators, and that is to accelerate strategic and tactical initiatives that depend on accurate network data that is consolidated into a single source of truth,” said Frank McDermott CEO of ARM.

ARM says it is enabling data driven transformation through a combination of its proprietary cARMa platform and multi-disciplinary team who have certified over 350,000 ports to date, across 77 data centres. In the second quarter of 2018, ARM expanded operations into Canada, supporting data centres in Toronto and Montreal.

The communications market is moving quickly, there has been growth and modernization of networks with cloud architectures, virtualisation and software-defined services. Now the transformation of inventory and network data needs to keep pace with that modernisation.

“Initially customers engage with us on a tactical challenge,” added McDermott. “Then ARM goes through the discovery process and brings all the data sources into one view. As that happens, clients envision their inventory data as a key strategic enabler of their modernisation, integration, and financial initiatives.”

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