Oracle launches cloud-based autonomous transaction solution

Oracle launches cloud-based autonomous transaction solution

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Larry Ellison, Oracle’s executive chairman and CTO (pictured), has announced the availability of Oracle's Autonomous Transaction Processing solution, enabling complex purchases from a single database.

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing uses machine learning and automation to support various high-performance transactions from a single database, delivering cost-savings, security, availability and productivity for its customers.

As for the Autonomous Database Cloud service, it has been built to meet the demanding needs of finance, retail, manufacturing, and government applications, as well as to support high-performance transaction processing, reporting, batch and analytic workloads.

“Oracle is by far the best database in the world and it just got a lot better because now it’s autonomous,” said Ellison. “This delivers a much more reliable, much more secure system—a system that protects against data theft, a system that is up 99.995% of the time, and a system that makes organisations and their developers dramatically more productive.”

By using machine learning, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud service provides a self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing database that no longer requires experts to custom build and manually maintain a hardware and software stack. As a result users can reduce costs and time to market.

Through Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing offering users get simplified application development and deployment, enabling real-time analytics, personalisation and fraud detection on live transactional data.

“The toughest job a database administrator (DBA) has is that of tuning and maintaining a mission-critical transactional database. In addition to examining statistics and applying tuning adjustments, the DBA must also apply patches, including security patches, on a very frequent basis, which is both an error-prone and operationally-disruptive activity,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president for IDC’s data management software research.

According to Oracle, the complete automation of database and infrastructure cuts admin costs up to 80%, while self-optimizing database with elastic pay-per-use cuts runtime costs by approximately 90%.

Risk is also reduced because security updates are automatically installed. In addition the solution offers protection from various types of failures, including: system failures, regional outages, and user errors delivers 99.995% availability, or less than 2.5 minutes of downtime a month, including maintenance. There is also a Database Vault stops administrators from snooping on user data.

 “With Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, Oracle has eliminated these problematic tasks, allowing the DBA to concentrate on the higher value activity of enabling more business-responsive applications, and helping the enterprise to ensure that data will not be compromised due to known vulnerabilities,” added Olofson.

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