Hammer Fiber Optics restates its plan to buy 1stPoint, Endstream and Open Data Centers

Hammer Fiber Optics restates its plan to buy 1stPoint, Endstream and Open Data Centers

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Hammer Fiber Optics, a wireless technology telco, has renewed its letter of intent to acquire 1stPoint Communications and its subsidiaries Endstream Communications and Open Data Centers.

1stPoint's assets include multiple competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) licenses and a mobile network operator as well as intellectual property for carrier switching of both voice, SMS and advanced collaboration tools.

Speaking on the news, Erik Levitt, CEO of 1stPoint Communications, said: “The industrial logic of the acquisition remains unchanged. The resulting entity will be perfectly positioned to be a market leader in wireless network deployment."

Hammer Fiber Optics provides data over cable service interface specification (DOCSIS) over wireless triple-play services to subscribers in its first deployment in Atlantic County. By adding the assets of 1stPoint, Endstream and Open Data Centers, Hammer will be able to deploy the technology in other US markets as well as several International locations.

"The combined entities will be able to execute on Hammer's 'Everything Wireless' approach to the market. We will be able to deliver very high speed triple plays, smart city, IoT, OTT and texting applications, M2M and 5G mobile networks. That breadth will make us unique in the industry," said Kristen Vasicek, 1stPoint's director of marketing.

In a collaboration earlier this quarter, Hammer and 1stPoint launched its Mobile Network Services Provider platform, for cable operators to extend its network, wireless ISPs to enhance their networks, expansion and DSL replacement.

"Several projects are now in the planning stages," added Mark Stogdill, founder of Hammer Fiber Optics. "These acquisitions will be transformative, and will take Hammer to the next level."

Endstream Communications offers global wholesale voice services while Open Data Centers operates a carrier-neutral colocation facility in Piscataway, New Jersey, and according to Hammer will provide the brick-and-mortar capacity to advance the company’s growth.

Details of the transaction and closing dates have not been publicly disclosed.

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