China Mobile starts global data centre deployment in Singapore

China Mobile starts global data centre deployment in Singapore


The international operation of China Mobile has started work on its second data centre outside mainland China.

The new Singapore data centre, which follows its Global Network Centre in Hong Kong, is the start of a global plan to deploy data centres, said Li Feng, chairman and CEO of China Mobile International (CMI).

“Singapore is the world’s economic, financial and shipping centre,” said Li. “It is also an important fulcrum of the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative.” That is China’s plan to build an axis of telecoms and physical transport links from south-east Asia to the West.

“CMI Singapore data centre … marks the kick-off of CMI’s global data centre deployment,” said Li, who did not provide details of future planned data centres.

The Singapore unit will have 2,100 racks in 7,330 square metres. CMI said it will coordinate with its other overseas data centres, together with its extensive global network resources, to provide high speed connecting services including IPLC, IP transit, voice, roaming, cloud computing and other one-stop communication solutions to global customers and partners.

CMI has capacity on a number of subsea cable systems in the Asia Pacific region, as well as Asia to Europe cable system Sea-Me-We5.

CMI said it will continue to expand its investment of submarine cable systems in Singapore, planning at least four other new submarine cable projects connecting with Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, America and Oceania.

“The opening of the Singapore data centre will combine the resources of submarine cable systems to strengthen core competitiveness of the infrastructures and facilitate the rapid development of connectivity, cloud computing, and CDN products,” said Li.

“The launch of the Singapore data centre responds to the enormous network demands of customers in Singapore and Asia-Pacific, thus supporting its development on data economy in the new era.”

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