Telia Carrier to provide IP transit and backbone services to Cable ONE

Telia Carrier to provide IP transit and backbone services to Cable ONE

Telia Carrier has announced that Cable ONE, a US based cable company, will deploy its IP transit and backbone services as it looks to support growing customer demand across 21 US states.

Arizona-based Cable One has around 800,000 customers, offering high-speed internet, cable television and telephone services. It has agreed to take up IP transit services through the addition of 100G wavelength services on Telia Carrier’s global fibre backbone.

Telia Carrier’s backbone was the first to be 100G-enabled in both North America and Europe, and is ranked number one according to Dyn Research. The optical wavelengths taken by Cable ONE will provide dedicated, high-bandwidth network capacity and low latency, said Telia Carrier.

 “Connectivity and network performance were the two key evaluation requirements as we embarked on a search to find a transit and backbone provider for our nationwide network,” said Joel Prine, director of network architecture, Cable ONE. 

“From order to delivery, Telia Carrier outlined a well-defined and concise process. Telia Carrier has been very responsive in meeting our needs—in one instance even delivering circuits within 14 days of ordering. Today, we are making optimal use of our network resources to establish connections that underscore our commitment to create more customer value in the markets we serve.”

For Telia Carrier, Cable ONE becomes the latest company to take up use of its backbone, with both Pilot and Swedish hosting and data centre services company, GleSYS, both announced as partners earlier this year.

The carrier enables worldwide connectivity by connecting more than 265 points of presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East including over 80 PoPs in North America alone. I has already added new points of presence in Mexico, Rome and Serbia this year, with more to come, according to CEO Staffan Göjeryd when he spoke to Capacity at ITW.

“Businesses today demand the highest-quality online experience to best serve their customers. Cable ONE understands this and is committed to providing those consumers with the highest-speed, most-resilient, dedicated bandwidth,” said Rob Pulkownik, director of market development, Telia Carrier, Inc. 

“The fact that Cable ONE chose Telia Carrier to deliver our services to meet these demands highlights our ability to turn up capacity quickly, while also providing a global backbone capable of meeting their demands now and in the future. We’re committed to partnering with Cable ONE to help them better serve their customers.”

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