Juniper Networks creates common architecture for campus and data centre fabrics

Juniper Networks creates common architecture for campus and data centre fabrics

Juniper Networks has expanded its campus portfolio, including its EVPN-VXLAN fabric to the campus creating a common architecture for campus and data centre fabrics.

By unifying the various architectures, Juniper Networks says it is providing the ‘building blocks’ for an enterprise-wide fabric, which is key in the development of a secure and automated multi-cloud. Most enterprises have separate campus and data centre networks using different architectures to provide connectivity across the two domains.

“Today’s announced campus and SD-WAN enhancements allow enterprises to bring best practices from the data centre into their campuses, allowing them to more quickly realise secure and automated multi-cloud environments,” said Michael Bushong, vice president of cloud and enterprise marketing at Juniper Networks. “The transition to multi-cloud doesn't have to be a long and drawn-out process. Through our 5-step multi-cloud migration framework, Juniper Networks is also providing enterprises the required building blocks that facilitate the transition and bring best practices to each stage along the way.”

In addition, the company also announced a number of enhancements to its branch portfolio, with a number of new capabilities being added to its Contrail SD-WAN solution, using NFX Series, SRX Series and vSRX Series WAN Edge devices with Contrail Service Orchestration.

To help the way customers can deploy their campus, the company has also expanded its campus portfolio via a resell agreement with a global Wifi leader, Aerohive Networks, and has expanded its partnership with the reseller to provide a cloud-managed, wired, wireless and WAN solution.

Juniper sky Enterprise integrates with Aerohive’s Cloud Services APIs and its HiveManager Network System to provide a ‘single pane of glass’ to monitor the entire campus network. The solution also gives customers choice of deployment models which includes: public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.

“As enterprises continue to struggle with managing multiple network silos, Juniper Networks is building on its secure and automated multi-cloud strategy by enabling enterprise customers to leverage a common, open architecture from the data centre to the campus. Additionally, Juniper’s 5-step multi-cloud migration framework provides enterprises with a set of best practices, natural technology insertions, and recommended products and services to more easily complete the journey to a secure and automated multi-cloud,” said Chris DePuy, founder and technology analyst at 650 Group.

As for the enhancements to the branch portfolio, Juniper is expanding its Contrail SD-WAN capabilities with added support for fine-grained Application Quality of Experience and active-active clustering for Juniper’s NFX and SRX series branch devices. In addition, the company is also expanding its 5-step multi-cloud migration framework to include evolution paths for campus and branch networks.

“Enterprise campus networks are embarking on the largest upgrade cycle in about 20 years. We estimate over 1 billion Ethernet switch ports will be refreshed in the coming years, which places Juniper’s launch timing on its EX4600 and multi-cloud capability early in this massive upgrade cycle,” Tam Dell’Oro, founder of Dell’Oro Group.

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