Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia in 5G deal for cross-border vehicles in Sofia

Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia have jointly agreed to develop experimental 5G cross-border corridors that will allow for the testing of driverless vehicles.

This corridor will include the border crossings and key sections of the main roads.

Ministers from the three governments signed the agreement this week in Sofia during the European Union’s Digital Assembly 2018 in Sofia – held in the last week of Bulgaria’s six-month presidency of the EU.

Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia signed a letter of intent to work together on the corridor between Thessaloniki, Sofia and Belgrade. This builds on a number of previous agreements between EU members, and underlines that a pan-European network of 5G corridors is now emerging.

It follows an agreement last year between 27 of the 28 current EU members – excluding the UK – to develop large scale testing of connected and automated mobility on European motorways.

The idea is to develop 5G corridors that will help to make Europe the biggest experiment area rolling out the new mobile technology.