Silver Peak boosts WAN security with EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution

Silver Peak boosts WAN security with EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution

Silver Peak has launched a new segmentation and security service chaining by deploying Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution.

Through the solution, Silver Peak has new capabilities that enable distributed enterprises to centrally segment its users, applications and WAN services into secure zones and automate application traffic steering across the LAN and WAN in compliance with predefined security policies, regulations and business intent.

“Enterprises are quickly embracing a segmented security model and reevaluating their network security requirements from the inside out,” said Damon Ennis, senior vice president of products for Silver Peak. “Silver Peak is at the forefront of addressing emerging WAN security requirements with an application-driven WAN edge. EdgeConnect enables enterprises to centrally define and automate security policy governance across any combination of users, application groups and WAN services with advanced segmentation capabilities and seamless service chaining to multi-vendor security architectures. This powerful combination empowers enterprises to confidently embrace cloud initiatives to enhance business agility.”

For enterprises that have multi-vendor security solutions, EdgeConnect also offers drag and drop service chaining to next-gen security infrastructure and services. The solution is centrally managed and built for the cloud unlike traditional router-centric WAN infrastructure.

“As one of the nation’s largest community-based cancer care specialists, we have a deep commitment to protecting the integrity of patient medical information across our more than 30 clinics,” said Robert Holloway, infrastructure manager for Tennessee Oncology. “The Silver Peak EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution, with advanced zone-based segmentation capabilities, will enable us to centrally define LAN to LAN secure zones to isolate corporate network traffic from guest Wifi traffic on both the LAN and WAN, allowing for the secure and segmented exchange of corporate information between our clinics and our data centre. EdgeConnect is enabling us to move beyond a conventional router and firewall-centric WAN architecture toward a centrally managed and fully integrated WAN edge.

Unity Orchestrator enables network administrators to centrally manage and define security polices to a granular level, as well as create secure end-to-end zones across any combination of users, application groups and virtual overlays. In enterprise sectors such as retail which often has 1000’s of sites, EdgeConnect allows administrators to do things like managing site changes and creating security policies in a matter of minutes using simple templates to create unique zones that leverage granular perimeter security policies across LAN-WAN-LAN and LAN-WAN data centre use cases.

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